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A new way of remote working, new goodies from Twitter and a hashtag we loved. ☕

It’ll be interesting to see how companies respond to the rise of “third spaces” as staff find ways to work remotely that provide the office buzz they miss. Meanwhile, Twitter is finding new ways to monetise, WhatsApp is still dithering, and May saw a social wellbeing campaign that, as nature lovers, we can definitely get behind.

Remote Working · 3 mins

Cafes and bars given boost by “the new remote working”

In this new age of remote working, so-called “third spaces” are becoming a preferred alternative to the dull binary choice of home or office for some. Workers report that they feel more productive amongst the buzz of cafes and bars, giving a needed boost to the hospitality sector, and leading to conjecture about the rise of hybrid workspaces.

Social Media · 1 min

WhatsApp U-turn on privacy policy

Having sown confusion with seemingly mixed messages about its controversial new privacy policy, it seems WhatsApp is distancing itself from its earlier, unpopular stance and now won’t penalise users who don’t accept its new terms. It appears the exodus of users to rival apps like Signal has given the Facebook-owned platform pause for thought. Again. Watch this space, because we suspect this story isn’t finished.

PR, Social Media · 5 mins

Social vs traditional: it’s not either/or.

Here’s a great piece arguing for the need to remember that social and traditional media are not mutually exclusive. Brands that embrace a dual approach, combining more established marketing communications activities with social media, can broaden their audience, build brand loyalty and maintain their status. Meanwhile, it’s interesting to note the impact of social is still growing, since the majority of millennials and Gen Z discover brands through social media.

Social Media · 3 mins

“Twitter Blue” subscription service: coming soon?

With adverts accounting for 85% of Twitter’s revenue, it’s no secret the social media giant has been investigating new ways to monetise. And sure enough, evidence suggests that “Twitter Blue” is coming soon. The subscription service will cost about $3 a month and provide a raft of features, including allowing users to collate their favourite tweets into collections, undo tweets and make threads easier to follow. It looks like that edit button we all crave won’t be part of the deal, though. Pfff.


Twitter has banned tweets from an account that shares posts from Donald Trump’s new blog; Facebook Workplace – essentially an extranet version of Facebook for your company – has reached 7 million paying customers, and, in the most 21st Century news imaginable, memes are starting to sell for £millions as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Us neither.

What’s cooking?

Nature nurtures.

We’re BIG nature fans who also appreciate the power of a good digital campaign. So we were delighted to see the healing power of the natural world recognised last month, when Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 adopted #ConnectWithNature as its campaign theme.

With ⅔ of people saying that being close to nature makes them feel positive emotions, we humbly submit that taking time to get out in nature or even viewing wildlife from your window could quietly change your life. It’s never too late to learn more from the Mental Health Foundation about connecting with nature.

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