Employer Brand Marketing

Engaging prospective employees

Over 70% of jobseekers say they will consider a company’s culture before working there.

Can you afford not to work on your employer brand messaging?

Any organisation that needs to hire people needs a strong employer brand. And though it seems complex and expensive, it’s not beyond the means of most businesses.

Shout about the stuff that sells

From CSR to L&D, wellbeing initiatives, employee success stories, great vacancies and a whole lot more, we’ll help you to share the stuff that sells your company to the next generation of employees.

So if you know you should be promoting your employer brand but don’t have the time or know-how, we offer a low-maintenance, affordable solution that won’t eat into your time.

Making content count

As a content and communications agency, we specialise in helping companies find and share their narratives and stories that sell. And that applies to attracting your next employees.

By simply identifying and crafting the messages that show you’re a great employer and sharing them with maximum impact, we can give you a marketing toolkit that will help ensure people want to work for you.

Employer brand magazine example

Employer Branding service

What you can expect.
Our service packages include positive messages from inside your business that drip feed your internal brand story into your social and publishing platforms. We include graphical and rich media, and content that shares your employee value proposition with impact.

We kick off with a discovery session that allows us to build a library of graphical, written and rich content to help sell your business to prospective employees. We’ll also build you a production calendar to help you share your content on your social and publishing channels. And to keep things fresh, we’ll follow up with catch-up at regular intervals.

Employer Brand benefits

Employer brand marketing can:

Build your reputation

Share feel-good news and content from within your company and you’ll not only impress potential employees, but also your customers and prospects.

Share with impact

We’ll help you identify and share your employee value proposition in a way that sounds and looks great on your social and publishing platforms.

Reduce all hiring overheads

Great employer branding can reduce your ultimate cost per hire through increased prospect engagement, and your time to hire as you expand your talent pool.

Encourage brand advocacy

Empower your own employees to share in your story. They’re your best asset when it comes to attracting new staff.

Enhance staff engagement

Getting your staff involved and telling their stories is a great way to increase their engagement, too.

Supercharge your vacancy advertising

Make your vacancies look and sound fantastic – and make them shareable.

*Source: Glassdoor survey, “Company Mission & Culture Matter more than salary“, 11 July 2019.

I want to reach out to prospective employees!

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