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Amazon contests massive GDPR fine for behavioural profiling 🛒

Would you buy the mooted Facebook/Ray-Ban Smart shades? If so, please tell us exactly what they do, as we’ve a suspicion they might be nearly as eye-wateringly costly as Amazon’s potential GDPR fine! Intrigued? Read on!

Social Media · 2 mins

Source: Twitter

Twitter pilots in-app shopping

It’s really unfair how we’re always joshing that the social media giants are jettisoning their original USPs and insisting on having fingers in every pie – said nobody, ever. Twitter is now piloting a shopping app, called the shop module. It’s a dedicated carousel of products that brands can enable on their profiles, allowing users to buy the products without leaving the app.

Legislation · 1 min

Amazon contests record-breaking GDPR fine

Amazon has just been hit with an $888 million GDPR fine, for analysing user behaviour to build profiles for targeted advertising. This trumps Google’s previous record fine of $56.6 million. Amazon intends to appeal, arguing that the fine is not related to a data breach or unauthorized access to customer data but rather how it performs advertising. It has also claimed the decision is based on subjective and untested interpretations of the GDPR privacy law. Will this rekindle the old brouhaha around GDPR? Watch this space.

Strategy, Communications · 5 mins

How to nail your mission statement

A good business mission statement defines your organisation in a nutshell. It boils down the reason for your existence and delivers it to the public in a way that is easy to digest. But many find the idea of a mission statement so difficult to pin down that it is often understood as much by what it is not, as by what it is. Here’s a good piece with some interesting ideas to help you define a mission statement.

Social Media · 1 min

LinkedIn’s new accredited courses for Marketers

LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool and it knows it. So it has launched two courses, currently free of charge, that enable marketers to learn both the fundamentals and more strategic uses of LinkedIn Ad campaigns and tactics for funnelling, brand awareness and lead generation. Those who pass the certifications will earn a credential on their LinkedIn profile, highlighting their status as a B2B marketing expert within the world’s largest professional network.


Also of interest over the last month, Facebook is to launch Ray-Ban smart glasses and we’re fascinated to know exactly what they’ll do, Rick Astley’s deathless “Never gonna give you up” has earned a billion Youtube views, helped by the internet prankster phenomena of “Rickrolling”, and YouTube has announced that creators on its platform can now add trailers and live chat polls to their live streams.

What’s cooking?

The Paris 2024 logo would like to speak to the manager.

We may be at the business end of the Tokyo Olympics, but Paris 2024 was also trending for a while last month when its logo briefly became a meme. The Paris 2024 logo is – at the very least – clever, managing to articulate three separate but related ideas in one stylish ident through smart use of negative space. But when the twitterati noticed it was sporting a “Can I speak to the manager?” haircut, comparisons with the generic, complaining “Karen” ensued, and the Karen meme briefly went Olympic. If all of this is Greek to you, read this.

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