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Taking the hassle out of social.
We’ll make your social media marketing the perfect distillation of your brand. We’ll help establish your tone of voice, build your strategy, find your key messages and manage your social channels so they buzz with personality. And we’ll provide regular reports and analytics as standard.

To run effective social accounts you must lavish time, attention and love on them. We’ll treat your social like it’s our own: we’ll create attention-grabbing graphics, curate and share content and grow your following – all in a way that’s perfect for your brand. We’ll manage your interaction and act as a liaison between your social channels and you.

Social media management benefits

Effective social channels can:

Enhance your brand and reputation

Social media is a great place to make an impression, and fast. Everything we do on your social channels is done specifically to bolster your brand.

Build a community of engaged followers

We build your social media organically, using tactics such as posting high quality content, selective following and interactions.

Convert dissatisfied customers and turn strangers into friends

Social media management can build engaged communities and maintain them. They’re a great outreach tool to provide quick feedback, manage complaints or acknowledge praise.

Listen and talk to customers, prospects and stakeholders

Social media is a conversation not a sermon. We’ll manage your engagement, respond to comments and queries and ensure you’re briefed about any negative feedback so we can respond.

Act as broadcast channels

…for your expertise, products, services, events, job vacancies, latest offers or jokes. Social media channels are great broadcast platforms, each with a slightly different emphasis.

Provide a platform for research and feedback

Engaged followers can provide valuable data or insight for research-based content, or useful feedback that helps you improve your service. Asking them what they think also creates engagement and shows you care.

How it works.

Step one: Discovery

The discovery phase starts when we help you identify what you want to achieve from your social media presence. When we know this we can identify the right channels for you, revamping neglected accounts or creating stylish new ones from scratch.

We’ll work with you to establish your tone of voice and the type of content you need to share. We’ll ask a lot of questions, which is why so many of our clients enjoy this stage: we often help our clients to clarify their thoughts about how they want to be perceived or even articulate feelings or ideas they didn’t know they had.

Social media management example

Step two: Strategy

We’ll help you to create useful objectives for social media, conduct competitor research, create customer personae and define an effective content strategy. This will help us to manage your social media brand in a way that achieves your goals.

Step three: Engagement & Growth

There’s more to social media management than broadcasting content. As well as curating relevant content we will be active on your channels, monitoring all social engagement (comments, DMs, reviews etc) and driving interaction and social reach. We’ll engage with relevant posts where appropriate, using organic tactics (follows, hashtags, interaction) to build your following and grow your brand.

Social media management report

Step four: Review & Analysis

We provide ongoing analysis, measurement and reviews of our activity. So every quarter you’ll get a full breakdown of your social media activity and growth as standard.

Want more impact?

Combine social media, content marketing and advertising and you get Social Plus – our service designed to supercharge your content across all your channels.

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