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We love to write, and it shows in our work. That is to say, your work.
Specialist communication tactics such as PR, email marketing and advertising needn’t be the exclusive preserve of big businesses with big money.

We can make these tactics a part of your marketing toolkit, translating your objectives into simple strategies and quality communications that deliver. Whether we’re designing and delivering a PR campaign, writing web copy that sells or creating an email marketing funnel, we’ll help you to be heard.

Once we’ve established your goals and purpose, it’s all about words.

As professional copywriters we write words that sell, engage, inform and educate. We write for websites, sales collateral, PR, email marketing and advertising campaigns. Our approach to copy combines three elements: professional wordsmithing, an acute awareness of purpose – and joy.


Good copy starts with a great brief, so we’ll challenge you until we understand exactly who your audience is and what you need your copy to do. Then we’ll craft copy you’ll want to stand by. Messages that chime with your brand. Words that captivate, delight or convert.


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"Words have power"

In The Box Marketing PR service


We’re qualified to act as your PR engine. Our toolkit includes professional journalism training, years of experience and hundreds of column inches, including repeat commissions from editors who love our work.

We can find you opportunities to quote, write and pitch your stories and build relationships with editors and journalists. We can write you a PR plan, build your media contact database and compile forward features lists for your favourite publications. And we can guide you on the best PR activities for your business needs.

Our PR service

From the outset we can help you to understand whether, why and how you need to engage with the media. We’ll identify the right channels and publications for you, find the easy wins and create longer-term strategy. We’ll set up lead alerts that will help us find you opportunities to quote in relevant media, and we know what editors and journalists look for in a story. Many of our customers perceive PR as a dark art: we’ll remove the burden of PR from you so that, instead of worrying about how it works, you can simply enjoy the results.

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