Social Plus

The service.

Inbound marketing, amplified.
A combination of carefully nurtured social media, original content and targeted campaigns creates a powerful inbound marketing machine.

We can create original content and share it across your social channels in a way that will drive organic engagement and inbound marketing to your website – the sweet spot where social and content works in harmony to deliver quality content to an engaged audience.

But what if you want increased engagement for specific campaigns? We can design and manage paid social advertising that can provide benefits from increased growth to brand exposure or targeted promotions.

Brand benefits.

In addition to the individual benefits of Social Media Management and Content Marketing, Social Plus can:

Kickstart your content

In order for content to be seen, it needs to be shared. We give your content a launchpad by broadcasting it, strategically, through your channels to your followers. And we can help your employees to act as brand ambassadors so you get even more exposure.

Build links, drive traffic

Promoting your content through social media builds you an army of inbound links that drive traffic to your website and benefits your SEO. What’s more, well-optimised, continually-refreshed content helps build site relevance and gain traffic through related searches.

Enhance reach

Specifically target users within your desired location or demographic. Paid social can identify a highly niche audience to almost any degree of granularity, giving you amazing focus.

Choose your goals

You can set almost any goal for paid social campaigns, from increasing followers or likes to growing brand awareness or subscriptions to emails. As well as promoting content or products, paid social can capture data for registrations, applications or leads.

What’s included?


Social media strategy & tactical management of your social channels.


Identifying & sharing the expertise and stories that exist within your business.


Social Advertising

Targeted social advertising to extend your marketing reach and help achieve your goals.

Talk to us about your business challenge.
We’ll craft the right content and campaign package for your business and goals.

Amp up your inbound marketing with social plus.

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