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Goodbye to annoying cookie pop-ups? 🍪

In August, we learned why one Kent coffee shop filled its own premises with rubbish-that-shouldn’t-be-rubbish, how a major UK data law reform could see an end to cookie pop-ups, and played a clever logo guessing game. Obviously we did a lot more than that, but not everything is news. What follows is, though. Read on!

Social Media · 4 mins

You’ll now use Chirp to Tweet

Twitter recently launched its own custom-designed font, called Chirp, along with some other tweaks to make the platform easier to consume and eliminate visual clutter. But many users, especially with accessibility needs, found it confusing, hard to read and uncomfortably bright. Twitter is now iterating changes in response to the feedback. Twitterating, perhaps.

Data Protection · 5 mins


The government will undertake a major, post-Brexit reform of its data laws so that they are based “more on common sense and less on box-ticking”, not least in an attempt to free up an estimated £11bn of trade that goes unrealised around the world due to barriers associated with data transfer.

One of the more high-profile effects of the reform will be the elimination of intrusive cookie pop-ups, used by many sites to ask for permission to store personal information. At least, that’s the plan. Watch this space.

Email Marketing · 20 mins


If you have subscribers based in the EU you’re responsible for following GDPR regulations even if you operate outside it. But sticky as it may seem, GDPR can help improve your email marketing campaigns. This piece explains how.

Campaigns · 2 mins

Coffee from Otto’s? Bring your own cup.

Kudos to environmentally-conscious Otto’s Coffee Shop in Sevenoaks, Kent. The small business’s owners have risked denting their income by taking a high-profile stand against non-recyclable coffee cups, collecting 15,000 discarded cups and scattering them all over the floor of their own establishment. Customers requesting a disposable cup have to suffer a “walk of shame”, wading through the sea of cups to reach the counter, while those bringing their own reusable cup have their orders taken at the door. Cheers!


Also in the news in August: The continued rise of TikTok and all that may mean; the artist subverting the manipulative practices of the social giants and the truth behind Messi’s impact on PSG’s Twitter following.

What’s cooking?

The power of logos

If you’re not sold on the power of logos to help us recognise a brand at a glance, take a gander at this project from a Seattle-based designer who has replaced the name of some major US brands with the state where each is headquartered. Curiously addictive!

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