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Blog ideas – 12 day Christmas countdown

Finding inspiration for blog topics can be tough. Sometimes it feels like you’ve exhausted everything you have to say about your industry, niche or area of expertise. But never fear, there are always more ideas out there – all that’s needed is a little inspiration. Below you’ll find twelve of our favourite blog idea generation tips. We actually have these on a poster on the wall and frequently use them ourselves.

What’s it got to do with Christmas? Err, nothing really. But hey, season’s greetings nonetheless and happy blogging!

12. Curate

Compile a top 10 favourite or most useful blog posts from other people’s blogs. Or how about the top 10 best tools for your job?

11. Interview a thought leader

Interview an ‘influencer’ or a panel of experts by email or Skype and simply ask a handful of relevant questions about a particularly hot topic or theme.

10. Best of Twitter

Come up with the top 25 people to follow on Twitter within your niche. Bring attention to influencers – some may even reciprocate.

9. Review a service or product

Provide an honest appraisal of a service or product relevant to your industry (making sure you state you’re not being paid for the review – unless you are!).

8. Create a glossary

What are the less well known technical terms or acronyms in your niche?

7. Name recognition

Use famous people or things as a launchpad for a blog. E.g. what the election/world cup/famous person can teach us about marketing/human resources etc.

6. Guest blogs

Invite respected bloggers to write on your site, as well as lesser-known bloggers looking for exposure.

5. Be interviewed by your readers

Invite your readers to submit questions about your field of expertise or business and answer them.

4. Start a weekly roundup blog

Share the top 5/10 articles you think your followers will enjoy and become a source of industry news.

3. Create a case study

Share an experiment/success/failure with your audience. Why? How? What did you learn?

2. Analyse searching trends

Check what’s hot and what people are searching for to get some ideas for content. Try Google Trends or

1. Make predictions

Predict changes that will happen in your market in the next 12 months. A year later, blog again reviewing your predictions versus reality.

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