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LinkedIn Training 

We can provide LinkedIn training for individuals or companies, covering everything from taking your individual profile from beginner to “All-star”, to more advanced applications such as how to get the most of out of the LinkedIn search facility, paid advertising and more.

For companies we begin with a meeting to discuss your objectives and identify competitor or other company profiles you admire. We audit your company profile (if you have one) and your employees’ profiles against a ten-point criteria, moving on to an analysis of your competitor profiles and activity.

From here we create a roadmap of the activities you should undertake in order to achieve your goals, identifying which of your staff need basic, and which more advanced training.

Social Media Training

We deliver the training and help you to understand how LinkedIn can fit in with your marketing plan, define actions you can take to ensure your brand is well represented and organised, and how this fits in with your overall marketing mix.

Our more advanced training includes how to use Pay-per-click, sponsored stories, advertising and campaigns, as well as tips and tricks on organising your connections, alerts and how endorsements work. In short, we can show you how LinkedIn can help to make money for your business.

Social Media Training

We can also provide training for both individuals and companies in the other significant social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.

Creation and management

In addition to creating your social media channels for you we can ensure you have a basic working understanding of how to use them for your business, how to create relevant inbound content that you can broadcast, and how to create a broad content plan.

We can also show you how to post content to different social channels simultaneously, how to define a tone of voice, and can conduct audits of your existing social channels.


Take control of your social marketing

To learn more about our social media training capabilities and to discuss your training requirements, contact us.